Dr. Joseph Mills

Dr. Joseph Mills graduated from Boston University School of Dentistry.  He attended a general dentistry residency for the US Public Health Service.  He has provided all phases of dentistry in Dartmouth, Mass. for the last 30 years.

Dr. Mills has attended many continuing education courses, including those provided by the prestigious Pankey Institute and the Spencer Sleep Apnea Study Group.  He also has extensive training in implant surgery, including courses at the Pikos and Sonic institutes.  In addition to implant surgery, Dr. Mills provides cosmetic, oral, and periodontal surgery, as well as root canal treatment.  His philosophy of putting the well being of your patient first has been a guiding force through his career.

Dr. Mills lives in Dartmouth with his wife of 39 years, Kathy.  He has two children: John who is a general surgeon and Julie who is a clinical director for treatment of adolescents who have been traumatized.

Dr. Mills is very proud of his dedicated staff.  They are very caring, wonderful people who work very hard to provide our patients with the very best dentistry possible.